Hampton Gardens, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

This distressed residential development was planned to contain 114 Apartments in 12 Apartment Blocks; 42 semi-detached and 2 detached houses. The developer only managed to partially complete 4 apartment blocks; 10 semi-detached houses and 1 detached house. The roads and services were also partially completed.

McCarthy & Associates were commissioned by the bank in 2010 to carry out an appraisal of the condition of the uncompleted element of the development and provide a budget for the Bank for completion of all uncompleted buildings and associated roads and services. This report was completed.

A number of dwellings were completed internally and rented by the developer. The Local Authority inspected the development and served a notice on the developer stating that the road access and lighting, not being completed, were a serious Health & Safety hazard that needed to be addressed urgently.

McCarthy & Associates were subsequently commissioned to meet with the senior representative from Meath County Council to understand the Health & Safety concerns expressed by the council and prepare a detailed scope of works with budget costs for review by the stakeholders. A detailed tender package was prepared for completion of the remedial works required to address the councils concerns.

McCarthy & Associates, on the stakeholders instructions, appointed a contractor; Project & Cost Managed the completion of the works and, on final inspection, received Meath County Council’s approval for the completed works, thus facilitating the continued renting of some of the residential units.

In 2013 the development was put into Receivership and McCarthy & Associates continue to assist with the development.