Avestus Capital Partners – Matt Brennan

“Justin McCarthy of McCarthy & Associates bas been providing project and cost management services in respect of a number of hotels that Avestus Capital Partners asset manages for over 10 years. The hotels range from international standard five star hotels, to boutique hotels to 5 three star mid market hotels, located in Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

The projects that McCarthy & Associates have been retained on range from full construction to significant capital improvement projects typically involving multi disciplinary teams and different international standards. Some of the key benefits to their expertise are:

  1. An understanding of how hotels function.
  2. An ability to manage the work in a manner that permits the hotel to continue to trade.
  3. An ability to bring the project to a successful completion on time and within budget.
  4. His ability to understand design and manage the design team.
  5. An ability to coordinate multi-disciplined project teams and efficiently manage the design development and construction process.
  6. An ability to add value in design development process, value engineering, construction contract negotiation.
  7. A key understanding of the requirements of the standards required by international hotel managers and an ability to satisfy them that the proposed project will meet their standards and operational requirements.

Finally, the most important attributes that McCarthy & Associates brings is an understanding of the importance of i) enhancing the capital value of the hotel for the owner and ii) achieving a return on any capital investment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.”

Matt Brennan
Avestus Capital Partners