Asset Management Introduction

McCarthy & Associates are well positioned to protect and enhance portfolio value on our client’s behalf through active management and development where this generates income enhancing opportunities.

We have the experience, resources and skillset to manage all aspects and stages of the development process including financial, marketing, legal, property & facilities management.

We understand that income is the primary driver of capital values and our focus is on continually identifying opportunities to enhance income and achieve cost savings.

McCarthy & Associates take entrepreneurial approach to asset management which combines commercial instinct with professional disciplines acquired from over 20 years in the property industry. Our team includes people who have led businesses outside of property giving us a more rounded set of skills and operational experience.

Where properties have income enhancement potential we will ensure effective management structures are put in place and drive income through active tenant relationship management and cost rationalization programme.

Where appropriate we will secure tenants and purchasers to maximize future income streams through redevelopment, refurbishment, repositioning or alternative use.

We are currently managing a diverse portfolio including mix use, retail, pubs, nightclubs, service stations and residential developments.